Tig welder is the welder who is specialized in tig welding process and does all types of work in tig welding process. The basic requirement of welding industry is proper welding equipment and supplies, latest welding techniques, systems and consumables. The basic tool the welder use is a welding gun, it is a tool that does spot weld, tack weld and burns holes in metals and you can drill faster and make a spot within a second. First we have an overview about the tools used.

The next modern invention in welding industry is plasma cutter, it is a welding machine which cuts metals and steel of different thickness and plasma gouging is also done in plasma cutter. The basic term that we should know in welding is welder.In welding, electrode is used to conduct current and it can be of either as a consumable one or a non consumable one. A welder is a worker who is specialized in welding materials together.

The new welding process are also been introduced to make the welding process as an easy one and they are, friction China Gate Valves Companies stir welding, laser hybrid welding, conductive heat seam and magnetic pulse welding. A mig welder is a welder do mig welding process and arc welder do arc welding process. The different types of torches used are welding torch, injector torch, rose-bud torch and cutting torch.

The next tool the welder use is a welding torch, it is a part that welder holds Sluice Gate Manufacturers and operate to make the weld and it has various parts such as connection valve for the fuel gas and oxygen, chamber, handle and tip. It is a latest welding technology in welding industry and the welder in welding industry needs some safety welding gears such as welding helmets, welding goggles, welding gloves for the safety measures.Many of us don't know the different tools and terms used in welding; let us have an outline about different types of tools used in welding industry

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